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Why is Shopping Black-owned So Important?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Why is Shopping Black-owned So Important? Why Support Black-owned Businesses?

I have always been passionate about the black community, especially recently due to the political unjust raging through America. Previously, I owned an event planning business and was able to gain over 15 years of experience in retail. However, there was always a burning desire within me, I felt I needed to pursue. Having a son at 15 years old, and bringing a black man into this world, has constantly been a thriving force and factor for me to help better the black community.

Blaxsons was created for my black son. Therefore, the idea and vision came from God. The purpose was sparked by the continual killings of our black and brown children. As a result, the origination of the company name started from ‘Black son’ to ‘Blax Son’ to ‘Blaxsons.’ Short, simple, and straightforward. The name came off the tip of my tongue and stuck.

Through years of pursuing a business, event-planning did not fill the gap in my heart nor the Black Economic Gap within the United States. I finally decided I needed to give back to the community. Giving back became more important to pursue Blaxsons when I began my research on the importance of recycling dollars back into the black community. In addition, I wanted to create a way to keep the black dollar within the black community longer than what has been reported.

All entrepreneurs have goals. But, if we configure them together and build up our communities, we can succeed with the abundance of potential with our own hands. What you water will eventually grow into something beautiful that is a life formula I follow. Recycling the dollar back into black communities will create jobs, motivate women, and black entrepreneurs to support each other. That very thing will promote the growth of our community, one purchase at a time. Being part of a community means helping one another, growing together, creating a common ground, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Possessing the same attitude within our community honors one another to share the same beliefs and values. We can stand together, have each other’s back, and be softer with one another within the world we live in.

The struggles we face are a reality. I believe the black community will need to become a competitive race. Rebuilding the community from the inside out, changing our mindsets, and supporting black businesses within our community is the ultimate goal. Becoming competitive means we can end systemic racism. We could own the most successful business and push to become as big as those corporate chains. We are capable. Grow with us. Let’s support our black-owned businesses together and collectively, we will make a difference.

Why is Shopping Black-owned So Important?

Originally Written By Noura Elhuzayel

Revised By J. Roath

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