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What Does the Month of October Symbolize?

To harvest is to gain, to gather, to reap, to win, and to use... Concerning a prize, product, or a result of a previous act, involving a process of creating, establishing, and contributing to something, someone, and or involving many. The Fall season signifies change. A change in the color of tree leaves. A change in the weather. A change in the climate itself yields a time for farmers to harvest crops. October sets the tone for planting seeds, creating growth, generating goods, and in due time, formulating prosperity.

History Fact: October derives from "Octo," and in Latin means "eight." As we know it, October is the10th month of the calendar year. Yet, originally,October was the eighth month of the calendar yearbefore January, as well as February, were materialized.

Behold, the harvest of some major events involving"Black Excellence," "Black Communities," and "Black Culture" achieved, challenged, developed, established, and materialized in October.


October 16th: Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., was the first man of color to become a General within the United States Army.


October 2nd: The first functioning, production-ready prototype, automated cotton picker, mechanically demonstrated at a farm adjacent to Clarksdale, Mississippi.


October 10th: In Oakland, California, Huey P. Newton, in addition to Bobby Seale founded The Black Panther Party.


Concluded October 1st: The worst summer of racial uprising within the United States involved 40 plus riots and at least 100 contrasting disturbances.


October 29th: Supreme Court pronounced racial segregation schooling must end immediately along with unitary educational systems.


October 16th: Maynard H. Jackson was the first elected black Mayor in Atlanta, Georgia.


October 7th: Toni Morrison, the first black U.S. American to achieve a Nobel Prize involving Literature.


October 21st: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King's youngest son Dexter Scott King was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive of Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change.


October 16th: The Million Man March held at our nation's Capital in Washington, D.C. An idea, formulated by Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam. The event was called "A Day of Atonement and Reconciliation." The march chronicled calling black men to demonstrate more self-respect, family devotion, and taking charge in rebuilding their community.

Manifesting a harvest... Our black community has, can, and will come together for a profound and deep-seated cause. Any man or woman's contribution to rebuilding his or her community, making a significant difference in the lives of our people is heartfelt, noble, commended, and well-received. Demonstrating self-respect and devoting self to your family is consistently and constantly a crucial and tireless effort that must continue. Let's not allow our effort to die or run out of steam and to the same status quo!


October 25th: The Million Woman March comprised Black American Women transpired in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, focusing on education, healthcare, and self-help.

The Point: As we know it, "Black History Month" is only recognized in February, offering only a whole 28 days, the shortest month of the year. Disheartening and disconcerting! Our black history was planted, evolved, and continually contributed to many undertakings for far too long, only to be acknowledged once a year. If the calendar year embodies "Leap Year," then our contributions, our manifestations harvested, our story, our vigorous efforts are granted one additional day. However, our creation, our fight, our growth, our strength, our struggles, and our black history is harvested every day, of every month, of every year, cemented together, extending from the beginning of our time!

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What Does the Month of October Symbolize?

Written By J. Roath

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