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The Importance of Rebuilding the Black Community

Our people are destined to do great things. Blaxsons would like to share our heart with our fellow men, women, and children. We have seen greatness among our people, stemming from our ancestors since the beginning of time. Blaxsons' heart and mindset identify with the struggles we continue to face; and encourages those who mirror our courage, our culture, our heritage, and our strength. The importance of uniting our black community promotes togetherness. Investing in and rebuilding your communities contributes to that cause.

Neighborhood versus Community? The differences are contrary to one another. Neighborhoods are often referred to or viewed as dwellings where moderate or mega homes are adjacent to another in various areas. Neighborhoods of habitation surround assorted areas across individual cities. A community is more about the people. A sense of individuals with the same interests, goals, and mindset, grouped together living, loving, and lending a helping hand to one another.

The significance of changing our mindset comprises uplifting black entrepreneurs, supporting black-owned businesses, and elevating our people and communities as a whole. This in itself is a start to changing lives, mindsets, increasing and maintaining wealth within our chocolate, cocoa, coffee, cinnamon, and chestnut communities. Human nature, our perception is what we individually believe, and our beliefs sooner or later dominate our behavior. Let's change the narrative within our society by celebrating our Brothas and Sistas that'll assist in advocating change. Considerable efforts embody us to work as one to repair, to restore, and to rebuild together.

Bridging the black economic gap is imperative. Set financial goals. Save and manage your money while teaching our youth to do the same. Children who work for an allowance will learn the value of money, granting a greater appreciation and respect for the dollar bill. There are quizzes on financial literacy that teach our young ones to invest their money and grow into becoming financially savvy. Invest your funds where you're likely to see a return. When we pool our resources and our power together, produce and distribute created goods and economic wealth that our people control, impart financial literacy from one generation to the next will afford us to develop into a self-sustaining society, bestowing generational wealth.

Cooperative economics is a range of various types of economics, incorporating political economy and cooperative studies. Cooperative economics also focuses on the study and the management of cooperatives. A cooperative is a self-governing association of individuals voluntarily united to meet cultural, social, and economic needs, achieving aspirations by a collectively-owned enterprise.

How does money recycle in various communities today? The variance of recycled dollars differs within diverse communities. In October 2020, the approximate lifespan of recycled dollars within Asian communities was 28 days, within the Jewish communities 19 days, and within White communities 17 days. A side note... The NAACP and alternative organizations suggest our black dollars are unregulated. Therefore, the unchecked and uncontrolled lifespan of recycled dollars within Black communities is reported to be only 6 hours.

Emphasizing to buy black-owned, patronizing black entrepreneurs, and maintaining the wealth within our community is crucial. Our buying power has reached trillions. We certainly have the spending power to generate and sustain wealth. So let's use that power to make a significant difference in strengthening our economic growth for us, by us!

Since Blaxsons' consumers reside in various cities and states, Google "Black-owned businesses near me." Again, show some love by supporting your local black entrepreneurs. Benefit from their assorted and amazing product lines, reinforcing the importance of rebuilding the black community, starting first, within your community. Don't forget to extend some love this way. Shop now at today. Find the perfect gift and/or product that generates a big smile, making you feel great from the crown of your head to the souls of your feet and all in between!

The Importance of Rebuilding the Black Community

Written by J. Roath

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