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Protect your hair, the Satin Island way!

Meet Shadjah Carter Hunt the owner of Satin Island Company AND winner of our First ever

“Can I Pitch It? Yes You Can!” Pitch Competition. Hosted exclusively on Fanbase. Shadjah, better known as Shay, started her company to solve a problem she was having with her hair. Every time she wore a hat it would leave her hair dry and damaged. She couldn’t find a product that kept her hair moisturized on those hat hair days. The solution to her problem and many of ours was birth as Satin Island Company. Satin Island company is black owned, female owned satin lined hat company. The name is derived from Shay’s Virgin Island and Staten Island heritage. What a perfect combo "Satin Island" The same energy and drive that lead Shay to research and develop the satin lined hats was presented to the judges during her pitch for a flawless delivery. Multiple people applied but only 10 entrepreneurs were selected. Shay’s knowledge on hair porosity and product development was a perfect match for what Blaxsons represents. She spoke with confidence and passion and was crowned the winner of the Blaxsons Pitch Competition. Blaxsons is excited to make Satin Island Company’s products available for purchase, we give her a big Blaxsons Welcome! Check out all 5 colors at

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