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8 Black-owned Handbag Companies You Should Know About!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Have you heard the latest news? Black-owned handbag companies are on the rise! These black-owned businesses are doing their thang with fashionable, exceptionally made products, embodying style and displayed opulence at a significant fraction of the cost. While Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Michael Kors continue to make their coins, these lovely, however, over-priced handbags, clutches, and purse-toting designers have some stiff competition. Are you paying an excessive amount of money for your designer pocketbook? Well, Blaxsons is here to enlighten everyone to check out whom to look out for; because when it comes to price, style, luxury, upscale packaging, and quality-made merchandise, our Ebony is coming for Ivory!

P.Sherrod & Co.'s well-crafted, fascinating variation of rich and reasonably valued leather products delivers modern inspiration to classic designs. Functional, exceptional, sleek, and sophistication are key fashion elements of P.Sherrod & Co.'s artful conceptions.

Mersi's Meghan Satchels are striking, a forever classic style that pair's with any look of the day, along with being 100% Vegan. Mersi's purses assist you in celebrating your individuality without sacrifice. Mersi is re-writing fashion rules and the focus, a friendlier, loving world. The Ruby Crossbody is a Top Seller, encompassing colorful and interchangeable straps. Compliment your wardrobe today with a vibrant accessory. Friday, October 1, 2021, is the deadline to preorder your "Ruby Crossbody" in Pink Pearl and Blue Pearl. Hurry, these rich in color Ruby Crossbody's will not last long.

Ammo Jo's Envelope Clutch Pouch, Madison Shoulder Bags, and Mini-Me Bags features (Strawberry, Bunny, and Bear) for your little mini-me are bold and available in assorted colors, all demonstrating an attitude! This designer's clutch and handbags are multi-purposed. You can take the faux leather vintage clutch and purses out on the town or use this eye-catching clutch to store your tablet and the assorted handbags to store everything else. Your choice!

Roundabout Baby's Signature OTG Bags are simply perfect for active Mothers with no time to waste! The handbags are available in Black Onyx and Brown Jasper. Ladies, savor the fun times when out and about with this hands-free, water-resistant, and 100% Vegan purse. The handbag's trendy design, highly functional, and compact look is ideal for the stylish Moms of today.

In addition, to the pocketbooks mentioned above, Blaxsons has an array of handbags, purses, totes, and clutches to satisfy your fetish and fit your needs. So shop with ease.

High-profile CELEBS who revealed their black-owned handbags have shown up and shown out. Our Afro-centric ladies, such as Oprah, featured a Telfar handbag as "one of her favorite things." Saweetie rocked Brandon Blackwood, Lizzo sported Cise, and Beyoncé (the Queen Bee) exposed her Anima Iris, all nonverbally displayed "we black back." These ladies exhibited their impeccable fashion sense while representing and supporting the cause!

Brandon Blackwood's handbags are created with a purpose! The purses are beautiful inside and out. Check out the mini bags displayed on and draw your attention to the variation of colors and styles to coordinate with your ensemble, making an appealing fashionable statement. The "End Systemic Racism" (ESR) handbag administers a valuable and influential statement while setting the tone for what is to come, simultaneously launching Brandon Blackwood's notable brand. The "End Systemic Racism" (ESR) handbag signaled a call to action to speak up and speak out to the never-ending conditions that plague our black and brown counterparts to this day. The 13th Amendment has an exception clause, specifying slavery and forced servitude are acceptable concerning punishment for crimes committed. Our plight and our fight, to be continued!

Cise's "Protect Black Women" and "Protect Black People" Totes are alluring and speak to our soul and spirit. While Cise emphasizes the words "Protect" and "Black," a courageous representation of our voices, our thoughts, our feelings, and our disgust at the horrific treatment we consistently and constantly endure. Cise's Totes further speaks to the evil, hatred, and racism, continually rearing its ugly head. We have contended with this type of bigotry and injustice for far too long. Let me say, God does not like ugly!

Hear-ye, hear-ye! To all black-owned entrepreneurs! Are you looking to expand your enterprise and sell your unique, daring, high-grade product(s)? Would you like to collaborate with us? Contact CeCe, Blaxsons' CEO at, select "Everything Else," click on "Join the Community," and Email Blaxsons at with all of your product(s) details. Would you like to receive updates on new products and deals? "Subscribe to Our Mailing List" by entering your Email Address. While on, go through the assorted, quality-made merchandise and see what products tickle your fancy. Now, shop until you drop!

8 Black-owned Handbag Companies You Should Know About!

Written By J. Roath

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