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3 Reasons Why Women and Men Should Have Self-care Days

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Is self-care a nice concept? Too costly? A daunting commitment? A matter of concern? There are three reasons why women and men need to consider the importance of treating themselves to self-care days.

1. The mind, body, and spirit are key essential factors to remain mindful of self, allowing women and men to advance in their daily lives effectively.

Ladies, R.Drew Naturals - Yoni Love Feminine Soak, Feminine Herbal Soak, Herbal Steam was created for multiple uses. Yoni Love Feminine Soak allows for treating and relaxing a woman's jewel box while enjoying a bubble bath, providing attention and care to an area where life begins. The herbal soak, an alternative use to the herbal steam, soothes, refreshes, and rebalances the organic properties of a woman.

Gentlemen, Crown Jewels - Men's Intimate Cleanser has soothing properties, a masculine fragrance for your genital area. This natural product is ideal for men concerned about intimate hygiene, removing odor-causing organisms. R.Drew Naturals Macho Body Wash allows men to enjoy the soothing and gentle moisturizing foam for their body and can be used to shampoo their hair. The product is fantastic for all skin and scalp types. So indulge yourself, replenish the essential nutrients, and maintain the moisture of your skin and scalp.

Ladies and Gentlemen, NHCO Botanical Bodycare Eucalyptus Menthe Shower steamers revolutionizes your shower, creating a spa-like atmosphere, releasing the aroma and oils of menthol crystals, formulated within a steamed shower. Get your spa-like on!

2. Reviving the spirit, resetting the mind, and relaxing the body are crucial elements, synonymous with living and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Ladies, R.Drew Naturals - Yoni Feminine Oil is specially blended with herbs and essential oils and has multiple uses for the body, face, and a woman's sacred spot. Do you need to attack your ashy behind, elbows, knees, and feet? Yoni Feminine Oil is the perfect body oil, helping to maintain your skin's glow. Are you stiff, hurting, or needing a massage? Yoni Feminine Oil is a great massaging oil, providing that special someone some extra love and attention. Ladies, is your sacred spot dry as the Arizona desert? Yoni Feminine Oil is awesome, assisting women with dryness and feminine health as well.

Gentlemen, Garner's Garden - Beard Butter and Garner's Garden - Beard Oil advocates self-love and self-care, benefitting facial hair and skin. This natural product promotes growth, reduces breakage, dryness, and assists in maintaining lustrous facial hair.

3. When one's body feels great, the mind, and spirit follows.

Ladies, R.Drew Naturals - Yoni Balm Feminine Salve has natural calming and healing oils, helping soothe your irritated love box from discomfort.

Gentlemen, Crown Jewels - Dry Balls Powder, a naturally blended product with soothing power, combats odor, discomfort, and provides moisture to one of the most sensitive areas. The product has multiple uses and is used to keep you fresh from the body to, hopefully, those manicured feet.

Ladies, we tend to have self-care days on a weekly or monthly basis, alone, or with the girls. Maintaining your self-care moments by getting your hair done, enjoying a manicure and/or pedicure, or getting a facial, provides continual enjoyment in those times of revitalizing yourselves from the day or life itself. When we have a moment for ourselves, to ourselves, those self-care moments make a difference. However, we have to remember our hot pocket needs some ongoing love as well. So treating yourself to a vaginal steam (aka Yoni steam) is another alternative way to encourage self-care.

Gentlemen, I cannot forget about you. Continue to get your hair and beard cut, lined, or braided. And I just want to say, if any man is confident in stepping his big toe into the nail shop to get a manicure and/or pedicure, I give you much props! WE WOMEN, truly appreciate any self-care you do; and getting those pedicures are most definitely appreciated! Groin grooming is vitally a part of self-care along with being mindful of those beloved "family jewels!" Taking care of your twig and those berries properly also helps in monitoring any abnormal changes. Keep it hang'n while the use of powder will keep your berries dry. Oh men, when you manscape, we're grateful and thankful for that too... I'm just saying!

The Bang'n Bawdy Box, an overall savings of self-care in one box for women and men. So Ladies, when you shop now for yourselves, don't forget about your man and create an intimate care of self. Blaxsons invites women and men to discover various natural self-care products and wants everyone to embrace the importance of self-care. Check out; peruse and purchase all quality black-owned products today!

3 Reasons Why Women and Men Should Have Self-care Days

Written By J. Roath

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