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Blaxsons' Backstory: 

Inspired by "My Black Son," Blaxsons was born. In addition to, being overwhelmed by the systemic racial injustice and senseless murders of black sons as well as black daughters. We are hopeful that our family of customers will learn the value of recycling dollars back into the community. Therefore, educating yourselves on the power of the black dollar and investing in the idea of cooperative economics is vital. Blaxsons takes pride in knowing every product we sell, is brought to you by the visions and dreams of entrepreneurs like ourselves. 


Blaxsons Mission:  

Our mission is to provide a shopping experience to consumers who desire to buy products created, designed, and operated by Black-Owned Businesses. We bring our family of customers the products they know, love, and support; in an environment embodying unity and pride. We are an inclusive, equitable culture of oneness. Blaxsons' goal is to exemplify passion and tenacity every day. Together, we will bridge the Black Economic gap in America. Thank you, in advance for your support.


Hello my name Cecilia "Cece" CEO of Blaxsons.

I am grateful you took the time to stop by and support. 

Contact us 


Phone: 424.218.6017

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